Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy day of doom number 5265...

So my son Isaiah comes home from a day of higher learning with eyes full of tears and slams his report card down on the kitchen table in front of me where I'm finishing up some of today's work dumbery and storms off. Im thinking to myself, "Oh God, his grades must be horrible!" After saying a small prayer and doing some of my breathing exercises, I proceed to open up what seems to be a pretty damn good report card. Absolutely nothing but A's and two C's. I couldn't be more proud, so it's gotta be some other reason for his sadness. I call him back to the table and ask him why he's so friggin upset. "I GOT ALL SLASHES DAD" Isaiah says. Meaning that his work in school is showing and/or is beginning to improve but still needs some attention. I assured him that the slashes meant nothing to me or anyone else with a brain. "What matters most is the high marks you achieve on your academics, that's what will get you into the college of your choice and land a good job so you can take care of daddy!" So after a few tickles and a flurry of knuckle sandwiches, his smile lit up and he was back to his norm.....his semi norm....his ISAIAH-self. Always show and tell your children what's most important, and that a proud parent will be there for them no matter what the stupid slashes say!!

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  1. (Exhales loudly after reading)
    Man! I tell you J, u did awesome. If I can give you a report, it will be A's and B's of being a parent. The B would be in cooking, lol, can't cook better than me.
    Good job Isaiah!