Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daddy day of doom number 5274...

Being a single father definitely has its challenges, ups and downs, lefts and rights. But I can clearly say, which most parents would agree about their offspring, that my kids turned out pretty great. Perfect example of this awesomeness would be my 14 year old son Marcus Anthony (yes, his mother named him after the Latin singer....sigh!) Have you ever had something so wonderful that you wish you could have it cloned?? That's how I feel about my oldest boy. He doesn't give me TOO MUCH grief about things and he is an absolute joy to be around. He is loved by his peers and I love him in every way possible. I tell him pretty much everyday how I wish I had 8 more of him around just because of how helpful he is around the house and looks after his younger brother and sister. Don't get me wrong, Isaiah and Alexis are gems too, Marcus just completes the perfectly round circle that is our family. He gets pretty good grades and is very athletic and wants to be a football player. But right now is wrestling season and he had his first varsity match today. Alexis was already at the school to watch the team but I had to wait for Isaiah to get off the school bus for us to attend. Isaiah and I arrived just in the nick of time because Marcus was about to take on his opponent. We quickly took to the bleachers as Marcus shook his doomed adversaries hand and the ref blew the whistle. With phone in hand I hurried to snap a picture with my son in action but had technical issues and got nothing but blurr. As I go to snap another pic the ref's hand hit the mat and Marcus was victorious. I can't believe I missed the whole thing being so busy with my stupid phone. It is what it is and told him the story. He laughed so hard he snorted lol and said its cool that as long as I was there to support him. I love that big kid!!! Btw you can barely see him in the pic but pinned his man in 7.7 secs......just saying lol. Bring it fools!

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